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Greeter History.

Dover Greeters are part of an international movement, the Global Greeter Network.   It was started in New York, where a lovely energetic lady hated to think visitors were scared to venture out because of news reports of 'no go' areas. Lynn Brooks started the Big Apple Greeters, using volunteers to offer free tours of New York and in ? this idea spread across the pond to Kent, where the idea tied in well with the preparations to welcome many thousands of people to London for the 2012 Olympics.


Kent Greeters, twinned with Pas de Calais Greeters, using European money to pay for recruitment and training of lovely volunteers who enjoyed meeting others, and this was very successful, with many hundreds of visitors enjoying an extra fun tour of parts of the UK.  There are now Greeter organisations all over the world, all running to much the same pattern but run as individual groups. As you can imagine, greets vary very much, depending on the time, weather, language skills and personalities and areas but are always fun and interesting.   There are Greeters from Sydney to Boston and from Paris to Mumbai with many in between. Check out the GGN website.


Dover Greeters are unique because we live in a quite small town which is world famous - for the White Cliffs, the Castle and the Port - also we are only 21 miles from Calais so it is merely a hop, skip and jump from France to us !   We are just 20 miles from Canterbury and 100 miles from London, so we get to welcome lovely day trippers by coach, train and car, plus we have many visitors taking the ferry across the short sea route with some passing straight through but some stopping for a few hours AND then we have the cruise liners.  How lucky are we.


We offer free tours, usually between one and two hours, taking in the town and/or the seafront.   For safety reasons, we do have a few rules, but mostly we are very relaxed about our scope of operation, and love helping visitors find their way around, and signposting them to other interesting places in the area. Occasionally we also help out at town events where a useful marshall can help the flow of visitors. We have helped people who are investigating their family trees, even to the extent of taking them to see gravestones or walking the route their ancestors might have taken on their way to fight in WW1.


We are glad to help cruise passengers arriving for just one day to make the most of the time they have here. Although a small town, it is laid out very much inthe same way as it would have been when the Romans were here, with the  little chalk stream, the River Dour, making it's way from up in the local hills down to form a cleft in the cliffs and therefore, eventually, a harbour.  Visitors can easily work out where the sea is, but there are many things to see, and easy - or hard - routes to follow.  There is a self guiding trail, the Bluebird Trail with a booklet or app,  but a little advice from a Greeter - or the Visitor Information Centre - can make it easier to see everything without ending up walking a few extra miles.


Dover Castle really is not to be missed, but you do need a few hours there and some visitors have been before. Many love to walk on the White Cliffs -  there is no regular bus there (a shuttle bus runs from the cruise terminal to Market Square and to the Castle AND sometimes to the White Cliffs) but there is a spectacular path literally up the side of the massive cliffs which is steep but not too bad if you take it easy ... and this path is just behind the ferryport. Visitors who try and walk there by the ordinary road will soon find it a winding busy lane and over 2 miles.   That is the sort of info Greeters can impart and save a lot of unnecessary walking.





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